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For Hernando County Code Inforcement they have a program which undemines the families of hernando county hardest working people. A program which liens the only equidy - taking the savings of the poverty burdened comunity. They have leavied fine on Christmas Eve that was due dec 29, 10 day after issued on 19th then mailed to me.

i was unable to pay on time i had spent all on my children for christmas. So i contacted susie at CE to see about making arangment dec. 27th tues when offices reopened to work off my debt. She told me not possible and i would have to go to hearing.

feb 15 2017 the Hearing, This is when the abuse of power began, i have never been in any legal trouble. i was treated like a child, my $100 Fine was justified and increased a multiple of 6 plus times, to 656 DOLLARS and they are leaning my house that i bought with settlement money form a disabilting job incedent. I have not been gainfully employed since 97. CE, they have no standards by which the amount seems to be vary drasticly from case to case, with ones emotional distress as justification for extra large penalties, not 1st 2nd 3rd 4th offence and so on, its the wild west...



July 10 2017 chris linsbeck called and said they Pulled/dropped $200 ticket issued in june 2017, but informed me that my storage container was not exempt under rural zoneing

code enforcement officer and county attorney presented a prejudice and colluded conversation to discredit me. Then presents lies to hearing masters from witness who only porpose is retaleation over crpye myrtels trees they planted in county road easment and had to remove, i ask them whem planting to put further back a year early

Dept of Public works made the relocate or have removed,this after contacting CE to be told they cant help. as you can see it was unsafe to pull out of drive, cars fly up over little hill, most speeding.

July 7 2017 2pm i was leaving home a saw code enforcement at gould home. Cancelled plans and returned home to meet frank at fence. took pic of jack recently purchased to lift off ground a shipping container. later invited him to come on property. to show how much water is on location.

2020 Passes and it still stinks living next to Gould Construction  

i use to live in the woods, now i live next to a general contrator who business illegally operates. everyday you hear the clatter of his succes. Only to be reinforced by the smoke and plastic smell in the air. 


gotta love your neighbor.



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