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Bill Gould Bridgete Gould owners of Gould Concrete Construction of Brooksville Florida License #RX0063921 #FR04779 dot #1298061

Fourteen Years i have lived along a construction project, the never ending job site. i tried to not be a bad neighbor, but you can not let the guy next store walk on you,

on 9-8-17 mr. gould threatend to kill me, ( I will Kill you) he said to me when he stopped me as i drove by in truck, as he was approaching my vehicle. mike was in the car with me and the neighbor was watching across the street.about 100 ft away by his mail box heard everything bill gould was screaming i am gonna kill you

I sorry for colorfull language, he just treatened to kill me!!!

2006 he attacked me

car attack

Problems started after their wedding, Drugs with bridgete where one thing she had know alot about as a young lady before bill, which lead to her first child. They meet while she was hitch hicking on hyw 50 trying to get to her OB Doctor she was pregnant with second child. Courtney who was my daughters best friend.

The Goulds Aressted for crack cocain

multiple raids of Goulds home

aggrevated assult treated against my brother after bill trespassed my brothers home and went trough privite photos, and accused wife bridgete of infedelity

stolen truck


Goulds have a Son - Billy

Billy at my house 3 times alone thinks hes under 2

Billy Falls in family Pool, Courtney rescues ends up hospitalized; sad

bill filed false report with swiftmud i was filling wet lands

Physical assult with post as i left driveway ( i got a Picture of bills attack on me)

Made False Police REport Accussing me of using a weapon which he also provided a 4ft pipe attemping to fram me for using to assault him. Thank God the Dective was through..

restraining order

filling 40 plus loads of fill dirt in wetlands and flood zone that my home sits in, i informed swfwmd he told them he did not fill property - google earth photos show clearly piles

filling wetlands

Lied to Code Enforcement about business at home

Cow hey in my driveway

retaliated by tellin Jordan Cant ride to school with courtney

Planted trees in easments- making unsafe Country public works intervined made him remove and move

trees in easement crapemyrtles moved per PWD

in retaliation he put one strand of barbed wire down center of my Driveway blocking access to my home - Sherriff he called made him take down

using Code Informent instead of informing me of his survey and addressing accidental encrocment like neighbors

Lied about flooded land to inforcement officers. and hearing master.




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